Hello world!

P1040045You ever create a project and look back at photos of it a year, week or sometimes even a few days later and wonder “Did I make that?”  That happens to me alot.  I think that when I get into the creating mode my alter ego emerges and there is a part of my conscious self that disappears.   I don’t remember that I spent hours on my gypsy designing a project or that I had to go to Micheals to buy another piece of that fancy paper again because I didn’t quite get the measurements right.  Or that I stayed up until 2am  to complete a project and I could hardly stay awake for the celebration the next day.  When I look at that project whether a photo or the real thing I look at it again with new eyes and go Wow!  I can be creative and it becomes my inspiration again.   That’s exactly how I feel about the Easter basket project I made for my daughter who turned 21 on Easter.  I wanted to make sure that Easter didn’t over shadow this momentous event so I made sure that she got a awesome Easter basket.  This is where I look in wonder and except for the cut files and photos to remind me of the adventure this was just one thing that led to another.  So Hello World thank you for all of your inspiration and I hope to get crafty with you.