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Now that Christmas is over….

Now that Christmas is over what shall we come up with.  Any ideas?  Sometimes I have so many Ideas that I don’t know where to start.  I made some wonderfully cute things for Christmas presents and totally forgot to take pictures.  Just one of those things.  Luckily it’s family so I’ll have to grab pictures the next time I see them.  I didn’t get any Cricut stuff for Christmas though I have my eye on the Close to My Heart Cricut Artiste cartridge.  Perhaps that is where my money will go.  I did get an awesome present that keeps me up to all hours though, Daylight!  How did I get daylight for a gift, you ask?  Well my wonderful parents and husband got together and gave me an Ott Lite.  All I’ve got to say is awesome!!!  I was actually surprised and didn’t even have a clue this year.  As the years have been passing along it has been getting increasingly difficult to see at night.  I even had to get glasses, ugh.  So this Ott lite comes with a magnifying glass so when you’ve left your glasses clear across the room and don’t want to get up from crafting ya just grab it.  I tell you everyone had a laugh when they saw me using it, but I could see!  If you’ve been using a desk lamp trying to get colors right and to see at night you’ve gotta get one of these.

Something New!

I decided to make something new instead of digging through tons of photos in hopes of trying to find pictures of previous projects.  This was definitely way more fun.  So today I made a couple of really cute purses that are actually gift card holders.  Though this shape card project can be found in other places  I first saw the idea on UTube at LiveLoveandScrap so go check hers out too. I’ll give more details at the end for those of you who would like to make them.

Purse Plain

Theses two purses both come from the Paisley Cartridge and I used K&Company Carolyn Gavin specialty paper stack.

The blue flower was cut 2 times on the button feature pg. 41

The blue flower was cut 2 times on the button feature pg. 41


The yellow flower was cut with the button feature pg. 47

The yellow flower was cut with the button feature pg. 47

The cute gift card feature.

The cute gift card feature.

Now for a few of the little details:

Cricut Paisley Cartridge Purse2 pg. 54 cut at 4.94″ I added two to my gypsy mat and then flipped one and welded them at the top to create my card base.

I then cut the purse again with the the floral print and glued its edges only to the base leaving the top unglued to create the little pocket for the giftcard.

I cut the rest of the layer pieces to fit the purse.

The button in the middle is also from Paisley pg.30 cut at .58″.  The blue flower is cut at 1.52″ and the yellow flower is 1.45″.

If you want to avoid seeing the cut lines hide them with your gypsy.  I didn’t use the flower that went with the purse and I offset my flowers so you would have seen seen the cuts in the body of the purse.

I had fun creating this cute card and hope that you will too.

It’s Almost Christmas!!!

Wow, I just start this blog and then the Christmas rush hits and I haven’t been back.  I’ve actually been working on some projects that are taking me wayyyyy longer than I thought they would. Which is totally typical since I want them to be perfect.  Plus a few knitting projects which take time away from my paper crafting. Along with all of the other Christmas rush things that happen, like getting a Christmas tree.  We go to a cut your own place.  This year it was fogging and freezing but it was the most awesome 30mins (usually takes us an hour or more to scour the hill for a tree) ever and we were all soaked and on top of that we brought home the biggest tree ever, 10ft at least. So needless to say life has been busy.  My little one keeps asking when are we going to put the ornaments on the tree and I just can’t find the time when everyone will be home. So we will do it tomorrow and maybe string some popcorn. I do have a couple of paper projects that I am working on and will get those up right after Christmas.  Till then I’ll see if I can find some photos from other projects that I’ve created pre_blog.

Hello world!

P1040045You ever create a project and look back at photos of it a year, week or sometimes even a few days later and wonder “Did I make that?”  That happens to me alot.  I think that when I get into the creating mode my alter ego emerges and there is a part of my conscious self that disappears.   I don’t remember that I spent hours on my gypsy designing a project or that I had to go to Micheals to buy another piece of that fancy paper again because I didn’t quite get the measurements right.  Or that I stayed up until 2am  to complete a project and I could hardly stay awake for the celebration the next day.  When I look at that project whether a photo or the real thing I look at it again with new eyes and go Wow!  I can be creative and it becomes my inspiration again.   That’s exactly how I feel about the Easter basket project I made for my daughter who turned 21 on Easter.  I wanted to make sure that Easter didn’t over shadow this momentous event so I made sure that she got a awesome Easter basket.  This is where I look in wonder and except for the cut files and photos to remind me of the adventure this was just one thing that led to another.  So Hello World thank you for all of your inspiration and I hope to get crafty with you.