Cricut Explore can Do Teeny tiny stars!

I was cutting out some states from the 50 States cartridge, which I love, and happened upon a delightful discovery. As many of you may know this cartridge comes with an option to cut out a star where the state capital is located. I usually leave this feature off but this time I forgot and went ahead cut them out anyway. What I discovered was that this amazing machine can cut out the smallest stars and they we’re clean cuts. When I lifted my states from the mat the stars were left behind. No more tearing off the bitty pieces that don’t get cut all the way through!


20140502-151652.jpgI’ve gotta say I am still amazed by my Explore. OMG, do u see how tiny those stars are? I’m gonna have time to play with my Explore this weekend, I hope, and I’ll post more of my discoveries. I’m so glad I hung onto my Cricut and didn’t get the Silhouette!


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