Cricut Explore Can do Circles

I just made some cuts for a cute card and I can’t wait to show you the circles my Explore cut. Wow! Here is a picture of a little owl I cut from the Hoot N Holler cartridge. Cutest owls ever but always a problem getting those eyes of theirs to come out, both literally and figuratively. They weren’t circular and I had to use the tools and tweezers to get the dots out.

What a cutie. Keep in mind that this is an extreme close up so you will see my paper flaws. His pupils are a little bigger than I would draw them with a sharpie pen dot and he was cut about 2 1/2 in. The best thing is that all I had to do was peel my layer off the mat and wahla the little center dots were left behind. No picking pieces out with tweezers. And see how round they are.

I was also able to cut a very thin piece for the balloon that went with my owl. I couldn’t believe how thin it was. Can you believe those perfectly round circles of confetti around that balloon. Those pieces are so small that you can’t even see my terrible gluing job until I took this extreme close up.

I had to put in one last picture so you can get the idea of the true size. I just picked up a super sticky mat and deep blade so I’m going to be trying chipboard and magnet material and I’ll be sharing some things I’ve learned about the new design space. This is so much fun to use I cut want to cut stuff out all the time now!



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