My Cricut Explore Came on Friday!

If you are teetering on the edge of getting a Cameo, like I was, WAIT! As you know from previous posts I have had a cricut mini. I also have the cricut original and bought the Cricut Cake (mostly used it for paper, though). I have seen cricut go through a number of machines and each seeming to be a little more cheaply made each time a new one was released. Through trial and error and a lot time time figuring it out I’ve been able to get fairly good cuts from my machines, though I had to use multi cut a little too many times, and have enjoyed using them, for the most part.

My Cricut Mini was by far the best machine I had, until I kept getting the flashing red light of death! Ugh! The last straw was when I called customer service (and this is after they had already replaced my mini) and she asked if I had a PC instead of my MAC somewhere to use with my mini, what? Then She told me that I should find a PC if I ever want to update my mini. What, again!?

This is the point where I started really contemplating the switch to Cameo. But I had all these cartridges and I really like them and I just didn’t like the interface of the Cameo website to find images. I really tried to like it but just couldn’t give up on my other images. At this point, there were rummers from the Cricut Website that another machine was coming. 😒I have to say I was very skeptical but I had already decided to take my Mini back to the store (gotta love that Costco) and get some more use from my older machines

I figured I would wait and see! The more I waited the more I saw how amazing this new machine was! Still skeptical I saw a you tube video that compared the two machines on a very difficult cut, and wow! I finally ordered one from Walmart since it appeared that I could return the machine if it didn’t work out, since I still didn’t believe that it could be true.

I’m so glad that I waited. Cricut’s new CEO is ushering them into a new era! My new Explore is amazing. I already threw away the box because there is no way it is going back. Everything, right down to the packaging is very well thought out. Yes, there are some things to get used to with the new software, because it is different, but all your layers are right there, no more hunting for them. I could go on, and I will, but that is for next time. Wait till you see its perfect circles!


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