Pirate Party!!

I finally got some pictures together of my little girls Pirate Party!  It was soooo much fun.  Each child got a hat, sword and a bandana to tie around their waist to hold the sword.  These are the party decorations that I made for it. I used Cricut cartridges: Birthday Bash (for the banner), Life is a beach (font, skulls & waves), Paper Doll Dress Up (pirate ship), Tags Bags Boxes and More (popcorn boxes), Create a Critter (palm trees & grass).  You could do this without a Gypsy but it made it much easier for getting the most out of my paper and posterboard.Image

I just love this map.  I found a picture online of a pirate map and liked alot of its features so I asked my husband if he could draw it.  We wanted to play a game of pin the X on the map.  I think that the map may have come from an imagine cartridge. Here’s my banner!


This is the best picture that I have. It was a little hard to take since it is almost 6 feet long. Here are some close ups of the elements.  My little girl wanted blue bandanas on the skulls for the banner.


Now for the cake.Image

The birthday cake! Yes, I used my cricut for this and I cut rolled fondant for the ships and cut gumpaste for the skull.  This was the fastest birthday cake that I’ve every put together.  I even had to re-cut the the skull since I somehow dropped it the morning of the party, ugh!  I had made it ahead and gumpaste dries hard so it shattered into a million pieces and my poor little one found them laying all over the floor and slowly began to pick them up.  She was sad :(.   Thank goodness for my cricut.  Out came the gumpaste and slapped it on my mat and cut another one in 10 minutes.  Luckly I had saved the file on my Gypsy!!  Supermom to the rescue.

The party favors were my next favorite thing to make.Image

I made popcorn boxes personalized for each child.  Luckly there were only four.  And then I made a few others with skulls wearing bandanas. I also made each child a booklet out of 3×5 note cards and used my awesome, wonderful totally cool Cinch V.2 to bind them.  (more on the Cinch story later, totally great customer service)Image

And because we had such a great time with our friends we can’t forget the thank you card.Image

Again, I used the skull and cross bones (are you getting the idea that, that was my daughters favorite part, well your right.  Hence the tragedy with the cake) to make the thank you cards.  I used my gypsy to hide the eye and nose cuts and then used my cricut to cut circles and then also cut the photos with the cricut.  Each child guest got a picture with my daughter in front of the treasure map and I circle cut those pictures for each of their thank you cards.  Everyone else is getting the one show here.  Like the cute skull.  Just to hide our little ones face a bit it won’t be on the actual card.Image

And this is just a little close up of the decorations I put on the treasure map to help tie in all the decorations.  Since I needed several little skulls I told the cricut to fill the page with them and I used the extras for confetti (a little idea I found on the web somewhere).

So we played pirate games, painted our own pirate treasure boxes, ate popcorn from personalized pirate boxes and had pirate cake! Over all an awesome party. I hope these ideas will give another little one joy.


2 thoughts on “Pirate Party!!

  1. Hi, this is amazing. Very creative. We’re planning a pirate party for my Nephew and you have given us some great ideas, thank you. I have a question regarding the shading on the skulls/letters/and in particular the sails on your pirate ship. I would be very grateful if you could tell me how effect was this achieved? Many thanks, James.

  2. Thank you for the great comment. The shading was done with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo. I used his blending sponge to blend the colors onto the edges. Sounds way more complicated than it is. Tim Holtz has some great videos on YouTube demonstrating his products and techniques.

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