It’s Almost Christmas!!!

Wow, I just start this blog and then the Christmas rush hits and I haven’t been back.  I’ve actually been working on some projects that are taking me wayyyyy longer than I thought they would. Which is totally typical since I want them to be perfect.  Plus a few knitting projects which take time away from my paper crafting. Along with all of the other Christmas rush things that happen, like getting a Christmas tree.  We go to a cut your own place.  This year it was fogging and freezing but it was the most awesome 30mins (usually takes us an hour or more to scour the hill for a tree) ever and we were all soaked and on top of that we brought home the biggest tree ever, 10ft at least. So needless to say life has been busy.  My little one keeps asking when are we going to put the ornaments on the tree and I just can’t find the time when everyone will be home. So we will do it tomorrow and maybe string some popcorn. I do have a couple of paper projects that I am working on and will get those up right after Christmas.  Till then I’ll see if I can find some photos from other projects that I’ve created pre_blog.


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